Referenz Projekt "Foresight Lab"

Project Foresight Lab - Establishment of Matured Data Analysis Processses, 01/13 - 03/13
Reference by Director of Strategy, Planning, Pricing and Data Management Department /Major Croatian telecommunications provider (>5.000 employees) from 28.03.2013


Uwe Werner was responsible for several sub-projects within an analytical CRM Project, including modeling voluntary churn (mobile number portability and post- to prepaid migration), pre- to postpaid upsell model and sequence analysis for customer care call center events as well as separate workshops for business analysis for X- and Upsell-Models, churn due to lack of payment (forced churn), sequence analysis and customer lifetime value.


For every sub-project and every discussed or analyzed business area he delivered first results with very short vocational adjustment time. His ability to adjust/reorder project plans according to changed delivery conditions or business requirements was another keystone for the successful completion of each project in time and in budget.


Uwe Werner has excellent interpersonal skills as well. He’s comfortable communicating with people from various backgrounds. He’s extremely patient and knows how to listen well to fully grasp the key messages behind every business need. His presentation and moderation skills are always success factors for workshops and meetings.


The developed models show remarkable performance and are stable over time. They are well embedded in the automated scoring and evaluation process which the consultant helped to extend and stabilize.


In workshops he showed the value of structured business and data analysis process by using CRISP-DM and helped to identify, narrow down and derive business and according data analysis goals. The resulting templates will be very useful for future data mining projects.


The insights gained by sequence analysis can be used to improve our business processes and reduce the amount of wasted calls.


I believe Uwe Werner is the best choice for business and data analysis projects, because of his vast experience in different companies, industries and levels of analytic maturity. He is not only a talented and skilled Business and Data Analyst but also a valuable and reliable project manager.